The Wickerman
Digital work minted as an NFT
The Owl
Digital work minted as an NFT
Sunset and Sunrise
Paintings from 2022
The Flower
Video piece minted as an NFT
Solar System
A series of paintings based on celestial bodies
The Butterfly
Video piece minted as an NFT
Chaos Owl
Peer into the eyes of chaos
Paintings from Soto's 2018 exhibit at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History
Three interior murals created for Empellón's Murray Hill NYC location.
The Cactus Garden
The guardian keeps watch over the eclectic collection
The Sotofish Society I
Work from Soto's 2016 solo show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery NYC
Owl Family
Mural in Brenham, Texas
The Butterfly
A mural for the City of Lancaster, part of Pow Wow Antelope Valley
A Flower for every month.
Mural for Empellón Taqueria, in New York City's West Village.
The Sotofish Society II
Work from Soto's 2016 solo show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery NYC
Solo exhibit at Bunsen Goetz Galerie, Nuremberg.
La Brea Owl
A mural on L.A.'s La Brea Ave. Sponsored by District La Brea and Merry Karnowsky Gallery.
Solo poster exhibit at Riverside Art Museum
Nightgardens I
Paintings and watercolors from Nightgardens, Soto's 2015 solo show at KP Projects, Los Angeles.
Sun Earth and Moon
Installation at Long Beach Museum of Art for Vitality and Verve: Transforming the Urban Landscape
Pow Wow Taiwan
Overlooking downtown Taipei, these three walls (Reaper, Owl, and Snake) represent heroic and tumultuous times in Taiwan's history. Sponsored by Pow Wow Taiwan, 2015.
Sotofish Project
An ongoing series of experiments using an Epson giclee printer and hand finishing with spraypaint, colored pencil, paint marker and acrylic paint.
Chaos Owl
Installation for Outside In group exhibit at Artcenter College of Design, 2015
Pixels- Riverside
Soto and Maxx242's mural collaboration at Pixel's Bar in Riverside, 2015. Sponsored by Prints on Wood and the City of Riverside.
Urban Nation Berlin
Soto was invited to create a window display as part of Urban Nation Berlin 2014.
Summer Prints
Scratch foam ink prints
Winter Nights
Visual exploration of the winter night.
Nightgardens II
More works from Soto's June 2015 solo exhibit.
Love is Sacrifice- Rochester
Soto and Maxx242's mural collaboration for Wall Therapy in Rochester NY, 2015.
Slauson Owl/Cat Converse
Painted on a hot summer day in Los Angeles, the Owl was soon defaced by a local tagger. Days later Soto returned to create a more evolved and aggressive Cat. This project was sponsored by Converse and appeared on the back cover of Juxtapoz magazine.
Paintings- 2014
A selection of paintings from 2014- exhibited in France, NYC and Los Angeles.
Le Chat, Lyon France
Inspired by a friendly local cat, Soto created his mural "Le Chat Terrible" on the wall of an abandoned post office in Lyon, France.
Converse Lovejoy
Soto created a 12' painting for the new Converse world headquarters at Boston's Lovejoy Wharf.
Sotofish III
The third screenprint in Soto's "Sotofish" series.
The White Ghost
Painting for Giant Robot exhibition, Los Angeles, 2014.
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